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Globe Valves

Connection End:
Flange – 150LB, 300LB, PN16, JIS 10K, JIS 20K
Stainless Steel 316 (ASTM A351 CF8M), DIN 1.4408
Carbon Steel ASTM A216 WCB
  1. Pressure: 600WOG for threaded end 150LB, 300LB, PN16, 10K, 20K for flanged end
  2. Temperature: 350 deg. F
  3. Screwed bonnet, flat wedge/beveled wedge disc, PTFE seat for threaded end
  4. Bolted bonnet, outside screw and yoke for flanged end
  5. Rising stem and hand wheel
  6. 100% tested air - under water at 100 PSI (6 Bar), open & close position
Options:VITON seat available
Size:1/4” (DN6) ~ 16” (DN400)
  • GB-6
    Globe Valve 600WOG
  • YG-6
    Y Type Globe Valve 600WOG
  • YGF
    Y Type Globe Valve Flanged 150LB/10K/PN16
  • GBF-1
    Globe Valve Flanged 10K/150LB
  • GBF-3
    Globe Valve Flanged 20K/ 300LB
  • GBF-16
    Globe Valve Flanged PN16

Top Globe Valve Manufacturer in India with ISO Certification

Delta Fittings is a leading globe valve manufacturer in India, known for its quality products and fast growth. Our success in the valve industry is thanks to our well-organized work environment. We are globe valve manufacturers specializing in custom-made valves to meet our clients' needs. Our globe valves are known for high quality, durability, and defect-free performance.

Reputed as one of the significant globe valve manufacturers in India, Delta Fittings is a premier entity catering to the necessities for a functional globe valve. Our globe valves are used within several types of machinery and industries, such as steam, service, and processing pipelines. 

Diverse Connection End Options from Globe Valve Manufacturer in India

Globe valves with Threaded Connection End:

Delta Fittings, as a leading globe valve manufacturer, offers globe valves in Threaded (NPT, BSPP, BSPF, BSPT, PT) configurations. Our threaded connection end globe valves are designed to ensure quick and hassle-free installation, providing reliable connections for a wide range of industrial applications.

Globe valves with Flanged Connection End:

Delta Fittings, as a trusted globe valve manufacturers provides Flanged (150LB, 300LB, PN16, JIS 10K, JIS 20K) configurations for globe valves. Our globe valves with flanged ends offer robust connections, making them suitable for high-pressure environments and various industrial settings.

Different Materials Used by Globe Valve Manufacturer in India

Stainless Steel Globe Valves:

Delta Fittings, as a reliable globe valve manufacturer utilizes stainless steel 316 (ASTM A351 CF8M) in manufacturing globe valves. Due to its enhanced corrosion protection features, stainless steel is the most accurate choice. Stainless steel globe valves are particularly suitable for use where corrosion presents a problem, so our valves can be applied in most operating industries.

Carbon Steel Globe Valves:

Globe valve manufacturers in India choose carbon steel ASTM A216 WCB for its versatility and robustness. With its toughness, our carbon steel globe valves are ideal for conditions in different industries that require durable and robust valves. Whether in demanding environments or standard applications, our Carbon Steel valves deliver dependable performance, meeting the diverse needs of our customers.

Globe Valve Variants With Reliable Globe Valve Manufacturers in India 

Explore our range of globe valves to suit your industry needs: 

  • GB-6 Globe Valve 600 WOG: As a leading globe valve manufacturer, Delta Fittings provides robust globe valves, ensuring exceptional quality and performance for various applications requiring 600 WOG pressure handling.
  • YG-6 Y Type Globe Valve 600WOG: Delta Fittings, a top supplier in India, offers the YG-6 Y Type globe valve, designed for efficient control and reliability in systems needing 600WOG pressure capacity.
  • YGF Y Type Globe Valve Flanged 150LB/10K/PN16: Our YGF Y Type globe valve features a flanged connection, supporting pressures of 150LB, 10K, and PN16. As quality exporters, we provide versatile and secure connections for demanding environments.
  • GBF-1 Globe Valve Flanged 10K/150LB: Delta Fittings offers the GBF-1 flanged globe valve variant, designed for robust performance under 10K and 150LB pressure conditions, ensuring reliable operation in industrial settings.
  • GBF-3 Globe Valve Flanged 20K/300LB: As a trusted globe valve manufacturer in India, we provide the GBF-3 globe valve variant with enhanced pressure handling capabilities of 20K and 300LB, suitable for high-pressure applications.
  • GBF-16 Globe Valve Flanged PN16: Our GBF-16 globe valve, featuring a PN16 flanged connection, provides reliable and secure operation for systems requiring precise control and high-quality performance, reflecting our commitment as a premier globe valve manufacturer in India.

Quality Assurance Of Globe Valve Manufacturer In India 

Delta Fittings being one of the prominent globe valve manufacturers in India, endeavouring stringent quality policies in place. We pride ourselves in offering the best products in the market with international standards such as ISO. Our globe valves undergo stringent tests and certification to warrant that we are the best in the market. 

Why Delta Fittings Is Among Trusted Globe Valve Manufacturer In India?

Discover all the reasons why we are the best globe valve manufacturer in India: 

  • Expertise: We have a team of skilled engineers and technicians, ensuring top-notch globe valve design and production. Our industry-leading expertise of over 3 decades allows us to create reliable and high-performance valves.
  • Competitive Price: We offer competitive prices for globe valves without compromising quality. Efficient manufacturing and economies of scale enable us to provide premium globe valves at cost-effective prices.
  • High Quality: Quality is our top priority. Using the finest materials and stringent quality control, our globe valves undergo rigorous testing to meet and exceed industry standards, ensuring durability and performance.

Get High-quality Products With Reliable Globe Valve Manufacturers in India 

Trust the expertise of leading globe valve manufacturer in India for all your valve needs. Let us provide you with top-notch globe valves that ensure optimal performance and durability. Reach out now and secure your cost-effective, high-quality valve solutions! 


1. What are the pricing factors for Delta Fittings globe valves?

As leading globe valve manufacturers, our pricing depends on factors such as valve size, material, pressure rating, and any customizations. Contact our sales team for a detailed quote tailored to your requirements. 

2. Are valves from globe valve manufacturer in India compliant with international standards?

Yes, globe valves manufacturers in India like Delta Fittings are compliant with international standards such as API, ANSI, BS, and DIN.

3. Do globe valve manufacturers in India like Delta Fittings offer customization options?

Yes, globe valve manufacturers in India like Delta Fittings offer customization options to meet specific requirements such as material, size, and pressure rating.

4. What is the typical lead time for globe valve manufacturers in India like Delta Fittings?

The lead time for valves from globe valve manufacturers in India, like Delta Fittings, can vary depending on the specifications and quantity ordered,

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