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Delta Inc Fittings’ manufacturing facility is the premier choice for high-quality instrumentation fittings and valves. Our range includes an array of top-tier instrument fittings and valves, encompassing Tube Fittings, Pipe Fittings, Compression Fittings, Ball Valves, Check Valves, Needle Valves, Hydraulic Fittings, Pneumatic Fittings, and Quick Couplings.

Our Tube Fittings, especially the Twin-Ferrule variety, undergo the same rigorous chemical, heating, and hardening processes as those used in Parker and Swagelok Fittings. Regarding the working pressure capabilities, our tube fittings can withstand 6000psi for the twin-ferrule type in Stainless Steel, 300psi for the single-ferrule type in Brass, and 1000psi for the twin-ferrule type in Brass. Our standard size range covers metric dimensions from 3mm to 25mm and fractional sizes from 1/16” to 1”. Additionally, we are equipped to custom-produce other sizes based on specific requests.

Delta Inc Fittings: #1 Instrumentation Fittings and Valves Supplier

Delta Inc. Fittings is your one-stop store for precision engineering meets quality to deliver an unparalleled range of instrumentation fittings and valves. We are one of the well-known pipe fittings manufacturers in India. Our state-of-the-art manufacturing facility is renowned for producing high-quality instrument ferrule fittings and valves, making us the preferred choice for industries requiring precise and reliable fluid management solutions.

About Us

Delta Inc Fittings, established in 1991 in Ahmedabad, has grown to become a leading manufacturer and supplier of premier quality instrumentation fittings and one of the top Valve manufacturers in Mumbai and valve manufacturer in Ahmedabad. With over three decades of expertise, we are dedicated to delivering exceptional products, including ferrule fittings, tube fittings, and valves, designed to meet the stringent requirements of diverse industries. Our commitment to innovation, quality, and customer service has positioned us as a trusted partner for businesses seeking reliable fluid management solutions in India and beyond.

Our Instrumentation Fittings and Valves Range

Delta Inc. Fittings is the best tube fittings supplier and offers an extensive selection of instrumentation fittings and valves designed to meet the most demanding applications. We also provide a range of single ferrule, double ferrule, ferrule tube, fittings stainless, and stainless steel ferrules:

Tube Fittings:

Including Twin-Ferrule and Single-Ferrule varieties, our tube fittings undergo rigorous processes to ensure superior quality, comparable to renowned brands like Parker and Swagelok.

Pipe Fittings:

Engineered for durability and performance, our pipe fittings are available in various sizes and materials to suit diverse industrial needs.

Ball Valves:

From 2 Piece and 3 Piece to Trunnion Ball Valves, we provide solutions that offer both reliability and ease of maintenance.

Needle Valves:

Designed for precise flow control, our needle valves are ideal for high-pressure applications.

Check Valves:

Ensure unidirectional flow and prevent backflow with our robust check valves.

Gauge Valves and Valve Manifolds:

Essential for accurate pressure measurement and control in complex systems.

Why Choose Delta Inc Fittings for Instrumentation Fittings and Valves?

  • Wide Range of Products: Our comprehensive product line caters to all your instrumentation needs, from ferrule fitting to valve manifolds.
  • High-Pressure Capabilities: Our tube fittings are designed to withstand pressures up to 6000psi, ensuring reliability in critical applications.
  • Customization: With the ability to produce custom sizes, we can tailor our products to meet your requirements.
  • Quality Assurance: Rigorous testing and adherence to international standards (ASTM, ASME, DIN, EN, JIS) guarantee the quality and durability of our products.

Our Commitment to Excellence

Delta Inc Fittings is committed to delivering not just products but solutions that contribute to the success of our clients’ projects. Our expertise in ferrule fitting and instrumentation fittings and a deep understanding of industry needs allow us to provide components and comprehensive fluid management solutions.

Trust Delta Inc. Fittings for all your instrumentation fitting and valve requirements, and experience the difference that quality and precision can make in your projects.


What sets Delta Inc. Fittings apart as a tube fitting manufacturer?

Delta Inc. Fittings excels in manufacturing high-quality tube and instrumentation fittings, comparable to global leaders, focusing on reliability and safety.

Can Delta Inc. Fittings provide custom-sized instrumentation fittings?

Yes, we specialize in customizing fittings to meet unique specifications, ensuring a perfect fit for your application.

What pressure ratings do your instrumentation fittings support?

Our fittings are designed for various pressure ratings, with tube fittings supporting up to 6000psi, depending on the material and design.

How does Delta Inc. Fittings ensure the quality of its products?

Quality is our priority. We rigorously test our products and adhere to international standards, providing comprehensive documentation for assurance.

Are Delta Inc. Fittings’ products suitable for high-purity applications?

Absolutely. Our fittings are engineered for applications requiring high cleanliness levels and are widely used in the semiconductor, pharmaceutical, and biotechnology industries.

Contact Us

For inquiries or to discuss your project needs, please contact our expert team at Delta Inc. Fittings. Our dedicated professionals are ready to provide you with the best instrumentation fittings and valve solutions. Visit our website or contact our registered office in Mumbai for more information.

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