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  1. Sanitary thermometers are stainless steel products specifically designed to meet the demanding sanitary requirements for food dairy, beverage, pharmaceutical and biotech applications.
  2. Complies with 3A sanitary standard, water-proof, shock resistant, and closed structures are durable and accurate, good for long time running.
  3. All series are liquid-filled, special materials movement and bourdon tube have lasting durability. It is applicable to the places of both strong fluctuation and non-corrosive fluid, such as air, water and oil.
  1. Process connection: 1-1/2” ~ 4”
    Quick-release clamp piping system
  2. Case & Movement Material:SS304
  3. Ferrule: SUS304 and SUS316L available
  4. Lens: Safety Glass
Ø50 56
Ø63 69
Ø80 89
Ø100 112
Ø160 160
SIZE D (Tri-Clamp)
1” 50.5
1-1/2” 50.5
2” 64.0
2-1/2” 77.5
3” 91.0
4” 119.0
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